Five Ab Workouts That Will Chisel You to Your Core

Your abs are not a singular entity that works as one. Besides the stereotypical six-pack we all know, they’re composed of four separate muscles: internal and external oblique and transversus and rectus abdominals

If you want to get your abs to their fullest potential, you need to do exercises for each of these muscles, incorporating rotating, sit-ups, and stabilizing. This will strengthen your abs, but there is a problem. Unless you get rid of the fat on your midsection, you won’t see them.
Try as you might, whether you do thousands of crunches each day or hundreds of pushups, it won’t matter.

Abs aren’t special; you need to train them the same amount of time as you should any other muscle. Abs are determined by your diet. If you eat more calories than you can burn off, you won’t see them. So make sure you eat healthy and burn your fat off if you want to see them. In the meanwhile, there are different ab exercises that you can try out to sculpt your abdominal’s even further.

The Stability Ball Plank

This exercise doesn’t even require movement, but it is challenging and can build endurance on your lower back and abs. You’ve heard abs_workout_ball_12of the normal plank, but this is the more challenging variant of it, and all you need is a stability ball. Place your forearms on the ball while your feet are juxtaposed on the ground. After that, contract your abs and keep it there for a minute. Rest for another sixty seconds, and repeat.

The Stability Ball Side Crunch

Here’s one that will eliminate your love handles! And all you need to remove those pesky things is a stability ball. Lean over the ball in a sideways position, placing your hip on the ball and allowing your torso movement. Separate your feet and press them against a wall. This will allow stability and control. Your hands should be behind your head, and you need to lean sideways over the ball. Crunch, moving you back up to the starting position. Do about 15 repetitions on each side. You will feel the burn, and even more so after you wake up the next day.


Everyone loves to ride their bike, right? Well, this is a great exercise because it also works on your lower abs and love handles. This is where fat festers, and you can easily remove it with this workout. Lie face up, pointing your legs in the air. Then, place your fingers behind your head. Move your right leg at a 45-degree and angle, all while rotating your upper body to the left. Then, aim your right elbow to your left knee. Alternate sides, almost like you are pedaling. To do this, straighten your left leg, bend your right, and move your left elbow to the right knee.

Weighted Crunch on a Vertical Leg

This will give your crunches even more power. Lie on your back and hold your legs in a vertical position. Make sure your body has about a 90 degree angle to the ground. Move your arms vertically in front of you, reaching upwards as close as you can to your toes. Lower your upper body back down to complete the rep. For more resistance, hold a five pound weight or higher.

Backwards Sit-Up

Don’t you love it when something familiar has a new gimmick to it? Well, with the tried and true crunch, you can give it a breath of fresh air. Don’t lie on your back and put your hands behind your head. Instead, move your knees to your stomach. Put your hands under your butt to support your back. Your head and body should be on the floor, your knees bent. Move your knees to your stomach and slowly bring them down, lightly touching the floor with your feet.

These are just some of the exercises that you can do to help work out all your muscles. Abs require more than just crunches. You should work them out only twice a week at most. You need to give it the same attention as you would the other muscle groups in your body. And, as mentioned before, you need to help remove the fat in your midsection before you can actually see results.

Improving your ab muscles has many benefits even if they aren’t visible, but you should burn some fat in order to get them to poke out. Eat fewer calories and exercise more to accomplish this task. With that, you know the ways to get the washboard abs of your dreams. It doesn’t come easy, but exercise is never easy. You need to work out hard, eat right, and remember that abs are made with your diet in addition to exercise.

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