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Get Rid of Those Flabby Arms With Easy Exercise

getting rid of flabby arms

Are you always pairing your sleeveless dresses and tank tops with a matching sweater? Do you automatically reach for long–sleeved tops, while the short-sleeved versions have been relegated to the nether reaches of your closet? You are definitely NOT alone if you are self-conscious, embarrassed, uncomfortable and concerned about your flabby arms and find that […]

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How To Get The Workout Ball Rolling

planning for fitness

Frequent exercise is extremely beneficial to your overall health. Not only is it a good way to lose weight and maintain your figure; exercise also helps to prevent the contraction of certain disease and ailments, such as: diabetes, osteoporosis, and various heart diseases. Frequent exercise can also allow you to stay mentally fit as well. […]

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Breaking Down Exercise, Food, and Energy

fruits for training

What foods you consume before, during, and after a workout can help your performance, especially if you’re an athlete. For the best results, athletes consume energy bars, gels, and drinks because they’re easy to digest and can stop hunger in its tracks, all while giving you your energy back. For athletes, they rely on carbohydrates […]

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How to Shape Up Your Triceps Using These Workouts

dumbbell exercise 22

Why Triceps Matter By improving your triceps, it opens new doors for exercising. You’ll get more strength, allowing you to bench press more, do military presses, and perform better push-ups. Not only that, but it can improve the muscles in your chest. When you do a chest workout, your triceps become engaged as well. Therefore, […]

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How to Create the Ultimate Fat Burning Circuit

circuit training

If you’re looking for the ultimate way to burn fat, look no further. We’re going to show you an excellent template to get you started on crafting your own workout. We’ll include some examples to help you get started. Research! When making your own circuit, you need to look at the different kinds of training […]

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The Heavy Rope Workout Explained

rope workout

Lifting weights can be effective, but quite boring. Doing the same exercises daily can make you bored, especially if you’re not seeing any good results. As always, you should be switching up your workouts for best results, and a good way to do so would be to incorporate heavy rope exercises in your regimen. Heavy […]

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Running Tips for the Newbie


Running is something that can be intimidating to many newcomers, and because of this, people often refuse to do it, or attempt it and then quit after their body starts killing. Running is something that requires much more than you going fast. You need a proper form, breathing, stance, and pace to keep you moving. […]

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Five Ab Workouts That Will Chisel You to Your Core


Your abs are not a singular entity that works as one. Besides the stereotypical six-pack we all know, they’re composed of four separate muscles: internal and external oblique and transversus and rectus abdominals If you want to get your abs to their fullest potential, you need to do exercises for each of these muscles, incorporating […]

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Turn Flab into a Six-Pack


Although we live in an era where technology gets a lot of things done for us, there is still no exercise machine which will burn your excess fat, get you ripped in an hour or two, after which you would leave the gym, toned and chiseled. Burning fat and gaining muscle is a slow, complicated […]

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Clearing Up Cardio Confusion in Training

cardio training

The gym world has many debates. What can you eat? How much should you exercise? And most importantly, how much cardio should you do? Your gender may determine your mindset. Many women say that a good amount of cardio is needed for a perfect workout, and men will say that it hurts their muscles and […]

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The True Meaning of Fitness and How you can Start Improving Yours


Fitness has become quite the buzzword over the years, with everything and everyone saying it. So what is fitness? Many people have their own interpretation, but the official definition from the National Federation of Professional Trainers Handbook defines fitness as this. “Having the energy and strength to perform daily activities vigorously and alertly, with energy […]

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