How Exercise Improves Your Skin

For some, exercise can make them look better by toning their skin and removing excess fat. However, some may not know that exercise packs an even more powerful punch for your skin. Exercise, in fact, can clear your acne better than ointments, smooth your wrinkles better than creams, and keep you looking young. Here are a few reasons how and why.

Exercise Makes You Radiate

Exercising can improve your skin by making it glow. While you work out, your heart starts pumping and it gives your skin a fresh dose of oxygen-rich blood. This keeps your skin glowing, especially after a good workout.

Exercise Reduces Your Wrinkles

Wrinkles are inevitable, sure, but you can reduce how much you have and their impact by exercising. Cortisol, a stress hormone, is to blame for wrinkles. While it’s good in small amounts, too much can break down yourexercise to help wrinkles skin by attacking the collagen, making your wrinkles more prominent and your skin sag. If you exercise, however, it can regulate your cortisol and keep your collagen levels high. This will me that you have elastic and firm skin for years to come.

Exercise Reduces Your Acne

If you’re prone to acne, why not exercise? As we said before, exercising can help bring blood to your skin. This will help to refresh your clogged pores, and sweating cleans them out further. Not only that, but it can regulate your hormones, which is one of the causes of acne to begin with.

But if you’re prone to getting acne, you need to make sure to implement a few more steps. Keep some wipes with you at all times, and clean your face after a workout to prevent breakout. If you have eczema, make sure to wear clothing with fabric that keeps sweat away from your skin, as it can stimulate flare-ups.

Also, make sure you don’t work out while having makeup on your face. No one looks flattering while working out, anyway.

Exercising Improves Your Hair

Are you prone to hair loss? By exercising, you can help to keep your hair thick and healthy. Nutrient-rich blood flows to the hair, keeping it strong and promoting growth. The stress-reducing benefits of working out help as well, as stress can hurt your hair. To make sure your hair is truly safe, talk to your dermatologist.

So Which Exercise?

When it comes to working out, which exercise will give you the most for your skin? As it turns out, one size fits all. Even walking outside can benefit your skin. Of course, you should strive for mixing it up. Keep your routines different to keep your body guessing. Add some yoga or a jog into your workout, and your skin will thank you for it later.

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