How To Get The Workout Ball Rolling

Frequent exercise is extremely beneficial to your overall health. Not only is it a good way to lose weight and maintain your figure; exercise also helps to prevent the contraction of certain disease and ailments, such as: diabetes, osteoporosis, and various heart diseases. Frequent exercise can also allow you to stay mentally fit as well.

None of this information is new and while virtually everyone knows why they should exercise, many individuals find it hard to actually get the ball rolling. There are numerous factors that are attributed to this, ranging from seemingly not having enough hours in the day; to an atypical fear of the gym or exercise.

Both the American Heart Association and the American College of Sports Medicine agree that the average adult should perform, at least, 150 minutes (two and a half hours) of moderate aerobic activity per week. An alternative to this is, one hour of vigorous aerobic activity (spread over three days) per week. Weight training or resistance training is also important as well; however, it is only necessary twice per week.

Ten Steps to Get The Ball Rolling

1.Make Your Life A Bit Harder:

Humans are exceedingly smart. Not only have we trivialized various day to day tasks by making them excessively easy, as day to day situations arise we also deal with them as efficiently as possible. Overall this is a good thing; however, if we actually make some of our day to day tasks purposefully harder, then most of the time we can get a moderate workout as well. Simple things can be effective, such as: carrying your grocery bags to your car, by hand, one or two at a time so that you have to make a few trips.

2.Do It Yourself:

This is pretty straightforward as well, instead of doing things like going to the car wash, you can wash your car yourself. To do a proper job of washing a car manually you would probably take an hour or more. Within this time you can get your car clean and some moderate exercise as well.

3.Take It A Step Further:

This might seem like another no brainer when you think about it; however, it is actually not going to be plainly obvious as you go about your day to day activities. Any building that has even a few floors will most likely be fitted with an escalator or an elevator. How many times per week do you use an elevator or escalator – three times, six times, or a dozen times?

No matter how frequently you use them, that distance could most likely be traversed by taking the stairs. Simply walking up and down two flights of stairs every day is a good way to get a light cardio workout. No one is saying you have to walk up fifty flights of stairs to your office, just do whatever you’re comfortable with.

4.Workout In The Morning:

Personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts alike will tell you that people who choose the morning as their exercise time will more than often stick with their schedule. This is true because if you think about it – after a long hectic day at work are you going to feel more inclined to exercise or crawl into bed? If you exercise in the morning then you are doing so while you are well rested and fully energized.

5.Put It In Your Planner:

Whenever you do decide to exercise, the next thing that you should do is make a note of it in your planner, on your planning for fitnesscalendar, or whatever it is that you use to stay organized. Treat your exercise time as if it were an important date or appointment.

6.Count Each Step:

Not only is a pedometer a handy workout related implement. It is also a great motivator as well. After you’ve gone for your scheduled jog or run, simply look at your pedometer. You’ll realize that you’ve actually done a lot more that you thought. “If 4000 steps was that easy, I can surely go up to 6000 steps next time.”

7.Consult The Professionals:

For most people, weight or strength training is a lot more daunting compared to cardio. This fear is not wholly uncalled for, there is always an ever present risk of injury with these types of exercise. If you can’t get the services of a personal trainer at your local gym, then you should try to get a good workout DVD that you can watch at home.

8.Record Every Detail:

Record each of your sessions, making detailed notes about how long your workout lasted and what types of exercises you performed. Extra details, like the amount of reps for each exercise and how your body felt during and afterwards, are recommended. This way you not only have statistics to look back on, you also have motivation to not “cheat” on your workout sessions.

9.Get A Workout Buddy:

Working out is always easier and much more fun when you have someone to enjoy it with. Search for a workout buddy to partner with. That way you will always have someone to call up for paired activities (tennis, volleyball) or just a friend to make jogging or biking seem like less work. If all else fail and you can’t find a workout buddy (conflicting schedules, etc.), try listening to an audiobook or your favorite playlist while you exercise, you’ll be surprised at how fast the time goes by.

10.Enjoy Yourself:

This is quite possibly the most important point in this list. Just like everything else in life; if you aren’t doing something that you enjoy, then you’ll have a harder time sticking with it. If you view your workout as a boring inconvenience then you will be motivated to give it up.

If you can’t fit 30 minutes a day into your schedule, get more exercise simply by being less efficient with your chores and adding a little extra walking distance everywhere you go. However, if you pick an activity you like, finding time for fitness will become effortless and the rewards enormous.

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