How to Shape Up Your Triceps Using These Workouts

Why Triceps Matter

By improving your triceps, it opens new doors for exercising. You’ll get more strength, allowing you to bench press more, do military presses, and perform better push-ups. Not only that, but it can improve the muscles in your chest. When you do a chest workout, your triceps become engaged as well. Therefore, you can press more and do even more pushups.

Aesthetically, having defined triceps will show in your arms, and can make them look bigger. If you work out your biceps, your arms will round, which is visually pleasing, but triceps will give them that mass they need. If you perform certain triceps workouts, it’ll be easy for you to keep your muscles in shape.

Working Out With Your Body Weight

If you use your body weight, it can be a great way to build muscles. Not only will you be able to strengthen those triceps, but they will be more than just added mass, but instead actual strength. The two best exercises to do this are:

Parallel Bar Dips

For this, you’ll need two parallel bars. Put your hands on each one, and keep pushing yourself upwards until your arms extend fully. Bend your knees so that your feet are not on the floor. Start bending your arms, and you’ll lower yourself slowly. When your armpits are approximately four inches above the hands, stop.

After that, push upwards until your arms fully extend. While doing this exercise, don’t lock your elbows, or you may be injured. Repeat 15-20 reps.

Chair Dips

Your house should have three chairs. If you do, then you can do this exercise. You don’t need any gym equipment to perform this.

First, sit on the floor bottom first, and extend those legs until they’re in front of you. One chair should be placed under your feet, and the other two on either side. Keep both hands on those chairs and keep your body weight supported as your feet land on the chair under it. Keep your armpits dipped until they’re floating about four inches above the hands. Afterwards, push until you’re back up. Repeat 15-20 reps. As with the last one, you shouldn’t lock your elbows.

Triceps Workouts and Free Weights

Free weights are, well, free. And by “free,” we mean that it allows you to do exercises for only your triceps. With that said, free weights can be dangerous if you drop them on your head, so make sure to do the exercises properly!

The Skull Crusher

For this, you will need a barbell that’s weighted. It should be a lower weight. Using a bench, lie on your back and begin sliding away from the barbell until it’s six inches or so from the rest of the weight.

Face your palms up and begin lifting the weight from its rest. Keep it moved until it’s right above the chest. Keep the weight dipped using both your hands. Bend your elbows slowly and the weight should be up to your forehead. Put it close to your face until it’s about two inches away. Push the weight back up, extending your arms. Do not move your upper arms. Repeat 3-6 times if you want muscle strength and mass, or 12-15 if you want endurance.

Standing Dumbbell Extensions

For this, you’ll need a dumbbell that’s weighted. Keep your feet shoulder-width and straighten your back. Grabdumbbell exercise 22 one side of your dumbbell with both your hands, and keep it held behind your head. Dip the weight down and stop when your elbows bend completely. Make sure you dip slowly in order to avoid hyperextension. Keep your arms extended in order to lift up the dumbbell. Repeat 3-6 times if you want muscle strength and mass, or 12-15 if you want endurance.

Cable Machine Exercises

A cable machine can give your triceps the same great workout with less chance of injury, since you won’t be potentially dropping free weights. Here are a couple of good ones.


For this, grab a regular bar and attach it to the overhead cable. You should be standing with your feet shoulder-width. Grip the bar as tightly and as close together as possible, and pull down until it’s next to the collarbone. Keep your elbows tucked as you push it down, and don’t move them. Instead, worry just about the arms. You should be pushing until your arms straighten completely, and then you should bring it to your collarbone slowly. If you’re having too much trouble, have someone help you by holding your side elbows. Repeat for 8-10 reps.

Forward Cable Extensions

Like with the push-downs, you’ll just need a normal bar attached to the cable. Face away from the machine and grab the cable as tightly as you can, slightly leaning forward. Gravitate your elbows to your head as close as you can, and keep that position. Your bar should be right behind the head at the point. Pull the bar and stop when your arms extend fully, and make sure to use your triceps.
Begin releasing the cable and return to it’s starting point. If you can’t do this, have someone hold your elbows. Repeat 6-8 times.


The above exercises are not only simple to do, but will give you the results you want. They’re all good, so try them all out. It’s all up to your personal preference.

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