Running Tips for the Newbie

Running is something that can be intimidating to many newcomers, and because of this, people often refuse to do it, or attempt it and then quit after their body starts killing. Running is something that requires much more than you going fast. You need a proper form, breathing, stance, and pace to keep you moving. If you’ve tried it and failed, read these tips and try it again once you have the chance. It’s something that can benefit you in so many ways, including giving you more energy, losing weight, and it helps to relieve some stresses that have built up in your body. With that, here are a few hacks you can incorporate into your running.


When it comes to breathing, it’s a bit subjective. Everyone breathes differently when they run, so it’s not one of those black and white cases where one is right and the other is wrong. That said, there are two ways to help maximize your potential. The first is to breathe in through both your nose and mouth simultaneously. It’s especially nifty for those who need lots of air. However, too much can hurt your side, so beware.runner_beginner_66runner_beginner_66

Another way of breathing is to inhale through your nose and exhale out your mouth. This is the preferred way, and it allows people to control how often they breathe why you run.runner_beginner_66runner_beginner_66runner_beginner_66

That said, there is one thing you need to make sure you do. That is that you need to control your breathing. One way to do that is to count your breath as you run, and breathe in and out to avoid panting. If you don’t do it evenly, you’ll burn out quickly.


No matter where you run, be it the forest, the pavement, the track, or a treadmill, posture is key. With good posture, you’ll last longer and be able to run more. Before you run, check your posture. If your head is up and looking ahead of you, you’re good. If your shoulders are relaxed, you’re doing great. If your hips thrust forward while your back is straight, keep going. If your feet is firm, perfect.

Now it’s time to run, and you need to check your posture there too. See how high you’re lifting up your feet. Too high and it will consume energy. You need to use as little energy as possible to run and jog long distances. Lift your feet only as high as you need to, and don’t bend your knees too much. Your steps should be about a medium length too.

When you run, don’t raise your fists like you’re ready to fight. Instead, cup them, almost as though you have an egg in there. In fact, do not clench any of your muscles. Think about the boxer. The boxer relaxes their body, so you should too. If you do these, your running will be easier.

The Speed

When beginning, should you go all out and run as fast as your feet can take you, or should you relax a little? Everyone has a different running speed, so it should ultimately be decided by you. That said, there are a few ways you can make sure that you’re running at a comfortable speed for a beginner. One is to attempt to sing for yourself. If you’re trying to just do a normal jog, you should be able to sing without lacking breath. This is good for a beginner, as you won’t be going fast and can ease your way to more difficult things.

Always make sure you don’t start out too fast, either. Think of yourself like a car. You need to move at a slow pace at the beginning, and try maintaining that. Push yourself hard once you reach the end, as you can finish without being too out of breath or begging for your life.

You can also divide the amount you run into short increments. Start at the pole and run to the stop sign, or run across three blocks. There are always little markers you can use to make sure that you become motivated to keep going.

Finally, you can increase your speed with time. Run a short, slow distance at first, increasing your speed and distance as go along. Make sure you take a walking break every now and again to avoid becoming too tired. It needs to be a gradual change, and soon you can eliminate the walking while doing nothing but running.

The Mental Factory

Your mind can be your ally, or enemy, depending on how you use it. Your mind can fixate on your tiredness and emphasize it, or can lessen it by becoming distracted. running_music_66One way to keep your mind off your run is to plug in your earbuds and listen to some tracks. Music, audiobooks, YouTube videos, anything to keep your mind fixated on that.running_music_66

In conclusion, running is something that requires more than just a fast pace.You need to make sure that your movements are controlled, you’re not running too fast or far at first, your breathing is controlled, and you are distracted for something. It sounds complicated at first, but running is something that is quite easy. By taking all these techniques, you can begin a running regimen. Soon you’ll be feeling great, and you can make sure that you keep running no matter how your body feels.

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