The Benefits of a Good Multivitamin

Studies have shown that approximately fifty percent of all Americans take multivitamins. This is extremely beneficial because multivitamins have been known to reduce the risk of heart disease, among other things. However, when it comes to athletes and workout enthusiasts, who strain their bodies on a regular basis and need to attain higher levels of performance, the average multivitamin may not be quite up to par with their body’s needs.

Protein Absorption Is Increased

The reputable sport nutrition company MHP is well known for Activite Sport™. Activite Sport™ is a unique three-enzyme mixture that primarily targets your body’s level of protein usage and augments it. It also provides both fats and carbs that help to develop lean body mass and also reduce adipose tissue. Lastly, Activite Sport™ also enhances your overall athletic performance, physical endurance, and energy levels.

It Has An Anabolic Enzyme System

Activite Sport™ contains anoutstanding anabolic enzyme system called Anabolase, which essentially functions in such a way that it amplifies and prolongs the overall effect of the multivitamin.

Consists Of 3 Innovative Enzyme Blends

Various essential vitamins and minerals are a necessity when it comes to maintaining bodily functions and suitable health requirements. However, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats (along with other vital macronutrients) are what primarily govern objectives such as: body fat reduction, muscle building, increasing performance/endurance, and maximizing energy levels.

The Anabolase in Activite Sport™ and other multivitamins function as a characteristic interactive food optimizer. What this means is that it augments the rate at which carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are absorbed and utilized. It is composed of three primary enzyme blends (Lipolase®, Carbogen®, and Aminogen®) that respectively serve a particular function in the aforementioned digestion of food.

Aminogen is somewhat of a distinctive case, since it essentially has a direct association with the quantity of amino acids that are carried to your muscle tissue. This is important because amino acids are good multivitamin 21directly responsible for stimulating muscle repair, recovery, and growth. This is classified as an anabolic effect, which simply means that it fosters the synthesis of proteins which in turn supports the growth of muscles.

Persons who are exceptionally active (such as athletes) normally have a greater need for protein. However, even if you take in a substantial amount of protein, your body’s systems may not be fully making use of it. Therefore, if your body is not making use of it, then you evidently won’t be gaining the needed muscle mass, etc.

Contains Enzymes For Protein Digestion

Aminogen is comprised of enzymes, called proteases, which digest protein. These enzymes are responsible for breaking down the peptide bonds that attach amino acids to protein molecules. When peptides and amino acids are “freed” from protein macromolecules – by doing this it is essentially easier for the body to absorb. When your muscles need to be repaired, it is the peptides and amino acids that are primarily responsible.

Peak CapacityProtein Digesting Enzymes

When you exercise, your body’s chief source of energy comes from carbohydrates. At their basis, at it relates to energy requirements, these carbs inhibit the application of muscle tissue and dietary protein. Only when carbs are not present will your body resort to gluconeogenesis, i.e. making use of dietary protein or muscle tissue to supply energy.

However, this has a relatively negative influence on dynamics such as: endurance parameters, energy levels, and the ability to build lean muscle. This is why Carbogen is important. This enzyme has the distinctive ability to competently disassemble complex carbohydrates (that are insoluble) into smaller units that can be used easier (for renewal of glycogen, etc.)

Carbogen is well known for its ability to allow athletes to achieve higher performance levels for longer periods of time – since it decreases lactic acid levels, among other things. However, proper dietary maintenance is also necessary – your body ideally prefers foods that primarily contain low glycemic complex carbs, as opposed to foods that may have maltodextrins and/or high glycemic sugars. This is because the blood sugar, which is transformed into glycogen (used to fuel your muscles in extensive workout sessions), is supplied by low glycemic complex carbs in a relatively slow manner

Has The Ability To Deplete Body Fat

Lipolase is extremely important as well, it has the ability to break up composite long chain triglycerides into subsequent short chain triglycerides. It also significantly decreases the quantity of fat that is kept in your adipose tissues, while simultaneously objectively increasing the amount of fat that is accessible to the body to be used for energy related purposes. Lipolase is an enzyme that is largely pH resistant, since the fatty acids that is provides can be utilized for energy (by the Krebs Cycle) high alkaline and low alkaline environments.

Contains Micronutrients That Are Body Ready

A great deal of multivitamins make use of formulas that actually don’t take utilization and absorption into account. As a result, while they will most likely be providing essential minerals and vitamins, your body might actually not be prepared to make use of them. What your body will most likely have to do is employ various metabolic processes in an effort to convert them before they can be utilized.

When multivitamins function like this, factors such as; effectiveness, concentration, and usability are often compromised. Conversely, Activite Sport provides mineral complexes and vitamin complexes that exist in readily usable active states – which means that effectiveness, concentration, and usability are considerably boosted.

Contains ‘Fully Reacted’ Vitamin C

Quite a great deal of multivitamins will often make claims that they consist of vitamins C. However, this vitamin C is usually present in the form of ascorbic acid – a transitional form of the usually water soluble nutrient. This form of the vitamin ultimately needs to react with already present minerals in the liver to generate ascorbates of: calcium, potassium, zinc, and even more trace elements.

While this might seem simple enough, it actually negatively impacts your body’s overall capacity for apposite absorption and reduces the amount of minerals available for other functions (enzymatic reactions, balancing of electrolytes, etc.).

Activite Sport provides users with a vitamin C complex that is fully reacted, which means that it consists of the needed mineral acsorbates, such as: calcium, potassium, zinc, and more. These ascorbates serve the function of facilitating the transport of vitamin C to the bloodstream where absorption and subsequent application will occur.

It Has ‘Neutrally Charged’ Minerals

Amino acid chelated minerals, that have been neutrally charged, are just another advantageous dynamic that the Activite Sport mineral complex utilizes. What is chelation? Simply put, it is a fundamental way by which your body can transport nutrients across you intestinal walls. Amino acid chelates are relevant to this because they are effectively superior to their non-chelated counterparts that are prone to: rapid reduction, severe integrity loss, and instability during digestion. This most certainly will negatively affect their bioavailability.

Chelation is used as a means of overcoming the electrical charge of certain minerals, among other things. The human body is extremely efficient as it relates to the absorption of amino acids and so this is why chelation is exceptionally important. This is whyActivite Spot, with its chelated mineral complex, is obviously a far more effective solution.

Exponential Synergy

Nutritionists, health experts, and biochemists alike have taken to using the term “exponential synergies” to define the influence of minerals and vitamins and their interactions with each other – as it relates to dosage amounts, formulas, etc.

In practice, if the correct ratios of active nutrients are utilized, then exponential synergies may be observed – this means that said nutrients can essentially reutilize and revitalize each other, creating an exponential synergy.

Why is this important? Well, Activite sport has achieved these exponential synergies by finding these precise ratios of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

I have found this a great multivitamin. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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