The Heavy Rope Workout Explained

Lifting weights can be effective, but quite boring. Doing the same exercises daily can make you bored, especially if you’re not seeing any good results. As always, you should be switching up your workouts for best results, and a good way to do so would be to incorporate heavy rope exercises in your regimen.

Heavy Rope

So what’s a heavy rope, anyway? It’s just like the name implies. A rope that weighs more than your average rope. It sounds like it would be ineffective, but it’s not, and it can work out your body like crazy if you use it properly.

Heavy ropes tend to be tied to an even heavier object, usually one you can’t move by yourself. There should be two free ends that you can grab, and all you do is fling the ropes round like you just don’t care.

What does that do? It can create a great workout, one that will make you really feel the burn. You’re introducing yourself to a new way of working out, and your body just isn’t used to that.

What You Need

Some gyms have a heavy rope, but if not, you can make your own for cheap. There are many peddlers out there rope workouthowever, you do not need that. Instead of going to your fitness store, swing over to the hardware place. Look for the thickest rope available, which should be one and a half to two inches thick. Buy yourself a good 50 feet of it.

Once you do that, look for something immovable, such as a pillar or tree, and loop the rope over it. The two ends should stick out in equal length. Once you do that, start going at it.

The Many Different Workouts You Can Do


Position yourself like a boxer. In other words, keep your hands at a shoulder level and have one of your feet a bit forward. Begin twisting your torso in accordance to how you move your hands across to your chest. As you do this, flip the ropes, picturing yourself throwing your rival to the ground. If you do that, you should get the exercise. Repeat 20-30 times per side.


Here’s an easy one that you can do. Keep your hands together while holding each end of the rope, and begin moving them up and down. It should create some waves. You can alternate, moving your hands in different directions, and it can work out your body even more. Repeat 40-50 times.

Around the World-

Almost sounding like yo-yo tricks, right? To do this, have your feet shoulder width and grab the ends of your ropes, with your hands right in front of you together. Begin swinging your arms slowly out wide, and begin whirling them around and up the body. It should be tracing a giant circle in front of you. Your hands should be together as you do this. Repeat for about 15-25 circles.


Begin by holding the rope down to your waist, having its slack lying on the floor. You should whip your hands in the air like you just don’t care, putting them above your head as high as possible, right before bringing them down as hard as you can, like a whip cracking. You can slam one or both hands, whichever you prefer. Do this for 15-25 slams.

Jumping Jacks-

A favorite, with a twist. Keep your hands by your sides with each end of the rope in the hands. Jump in the air, stretching your feet to your shoulders, and bring your hands to your head smoothly. Jump again, put your feet together, and put your hands on your side. Do this 20-30 times.


The heavy rope has so much potential, and if you’re trying to implement a new exercise in your workout, it’s a good one to try. So if your gym has one, check it out. If not, buy your own, and see what it can do for you.

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